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 #368921  by 02SilverSpecial
Recently some may have heard about "Some 1000 watt amplifier" and are wondering the specifics and how to get the system that has everyone talking!

I have always been interested in "Factory Premium Audio" and would rather have an OEM system that sounds as good if not better than 99% of aftermarket and doesn't take up room, draw unwanted attention, and makes people ask if I have a "System" when they hear the sound quality.

I have totally dissected the OEM "Infinity" sound systems from the LH, dabbled in the WJ Jeep "Infinity Gold" and have recently been working on CAN bus equipment, but that will prove difficult without computers, modules, etc.

I was wandering the local junk yards, and stumbled upon a 2008 Hyundai Azera Limited, that had the "Infinity" audio system. I was interested, so I found the amplifer, and noticed that it had almost identical connectors to the LH, but had a few extra wires. I grabbed the pigtails, the amplifier, and the OEM Subwoofer from the rear deck.

It took quite a while to locate the wiring for the amplifier as Hyundai doesn't release its info for free. However I was finally able to locate the wiring and went to work wiring it up!

Once I was finished, the end result was AMAZING!

Now before you start thinking, a Hyundai amplifier? Read below:
EDIT NOTE: Highly recommended reading the entire thread prior to performing this Mod. Harness requires Attention to Detail to be wired correctly

2006-2011 Hyundai Azera Infinity amplifier (There are 3 amplifiers for the Azera, however the unit that is wanted is the 96370-3L400 part number) Hyundai's "JBL/Infinity" sound system with Logic7 surround sound, 12 channels, and 660 watts of power. Directly from Hyundai's tech info page states that the amplifier puts out 55 watts RMS to each channel and has digital equalization so it ensures it won't blow the factory speakers up.

Pig tails from the Azera are 16 pin and 26 pin.

To make a plug and play harness:

Purchase female 02+ Chrysler radio adapter (2 of them to harvest extra pins to transplant into one)IMC AUDIO Chrysler Dodge Mitsubishi Jeep Wire Harness Radio CWH638 70-6502 CR02B ( Metra 70-6502) (X2)
Kia amplifier bypass harness Metra 70-7305 (1)

Follow the wire diagram to connect the correct inputs/outputs from the Azera amp and the LH amp harness. This will be posted later in the thread.

Speaker upgrades:

Center Channel: 05+ Chrysler Pacifica 3.5" speaker (Dash needs to be cut for this to fit, otherwise you can use the rear door speakers from the 360.)
Sail Speakers: Get rid of the OEM junk "2 way" speaker. It is a 4ohm low sensitivity piece of garbage. Replace it with a good set of rear door 360 speakers. They are 2 ohm, beefy magnet, and play highs better then the tweeter that was in the original sail.
Front Door woofers: I used the Infinity speakers from the Jeep Liberty (2007+ Style). They are 2 ohm, with a stiff cone material. The play lows very nicely for a 6.5" paper speaker.
Rear doors: Leave as is
Rear Deck: I replaced the factory 6x9's with the 6x9's I found from a 2004 Dodge Ram. They are factory "Infinity" with a HUGE magnet and are 2ohm. They sound better than the JBL GTO's I had prior.

Subwoofer: The Azera (Code name HG) had an 8" Free air woofer in the rear deck. What I did to use the 2 sub channels (the OEM sub is DVC) was use the OEM Infinity subwoofer box from a 2006 Tiburon, and the actual sub from a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee as the Sub that came in the Tiburon was a paperweight.

Onto the wiring:

The LH sound system harness has 2 connectors consisting of a 22 pin and a 12 pin connector. The Azera uses a 26 pin and a 16 pin. They look almost identical.

The LH wiring:


Azera wiring:


For the rear door speakers connect to left and right rear deck as those are smaller speakers and for the 6x9s in the LH connect to the rear doors as they are full range in the Azera.

I will add more to the post as info is requested!


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 #368969  by slimpants

Thanks for all your efforts here, Bob. This is right up my alley.
55W RMS per channel sounds splendid.

An inexpensive adapter harness has allowed me to enjoy a 2007 Dodge Caravan radio (w the RCA Aux inputs) in my '99 for several years now. Very handy.

Your speaker upgrade recommendations look straight-forward and simple enough. And the 300M amp stock metal frame appears to need just a few additonal holes drilled in it.

But I'm a bit confused re the wiring harnesses, however. I have the skills to splice together two wires of the "same color" but I have little clue when it comes to deciphering those schematic diagrams. :D

- I assume the pigtails from the Azera are certainly required. How many wires need splicing here ??
02SilverSpecial wrote: To make a plug and play harness:

Purchase female 02+ Chrysler radio adapter (2 of them to harvest extra pins to transplant into one)
Kia amplifier bypass harness 70-7305
- Are two (2) female Chrysler adapters required and what is that Part Number, pls?

Looking forward to your wiring information follow-up. No hurry whatsoever.

Thnx again !

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 #368993  by Sneke_Eyez
Bobby generously came over on Friday night and completed this amp upgrade in my wife's 02 Pro Am.
The amp is also powering her Boston Acoustics Subwoofer.

She is blown away by how much better her stereo really is now.

This is a wonderful upgrade for a relatively cheap overall cost.
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 #369002  by In-trepid
Sneke_Eyez wrote:She is blown away by how much better her stereo really is now.
I had a similar feeling when Bobby showed me the setup at Carlisle. I have my JBL amp in hand and will have it installed by the weekend. Next up is the speaker swaps that Bobby outlined. While I'm not a pure audiophile, when I listen to music I like it to sound good and I like to crank it up when cruising.
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 #369008  by 02SilverSpecial
The 2 Chrysler radio adapter harnesses are required if you want to make the whole system plug and play. One connector doesn't come with enough pins therefor you need to remove several and place them into the other one to be able to do so. Once you have that you spice the Azera end the the Chrysler female and and plug the Chrysler male ends in. Plug in the Azera amps to the amp and done!

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 #369009  by slimpants

OMG. Ya learn something new everyday!
I had no fn idea those connector harnesses can simply be re-pinned. Hee haw.

terminal tool.jpg

I think I 'might' be able to figure this wiring thing out ..


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 #369014  by AustinY97
This sounds awesome. I like the 688AC, but if I can squeeze more out while not spending too much then Ill do it.

To make sure I'm following correctly, most of the electrical work is done by the amp right? No re-wiring throughout the car?

If I pick up an Azera amp from the junkyard, what are pigtails? And how exactly do you splice two adapters together into one?

If you could send me some photos of what the set-up looks like concerning the wiring, that's be awesome! I'm not really good with electrical.
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 #369027  by slimpants

I'd like to go fully Plug & Play.

But I'm still confused. Hopefully, one of you can post a photo of the completed harnesses prior to installing them. I've been looking online at the connectors and it looks like all but the Azera amp itself are female. I must be wrong and/or missing something.

I assume that the two female Chrysler adapters required (in order to create one "good" harness) means that the add'l wires will power the subwoofer.


1) The Azera amp's original two pigtail connectors are definitely required here, correct?

1a) If so, do these two original pigtail connectors now plug into the Azera amp, or do they plug into Bypass Harness 70-7305 ?

Thank you!

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 #369030  by AustinY97
I have half of the mod done!

I swapped the sail speakers with the 360 Mid-range speakers, and that alone made a huge difference in sound quality. The tweeters are alright, but they tend to get distorted and screechy at high volumes. The mid-range is clear even with high volume, and really helps deliver sound to the front of the cabin. This honestly might hold me over for a while, as my biggest gripe was how much better the rear set up delivered sound compared to the front; primarily because of the mid-range.

It was more involved than plug and play however. The magnets are too large to sit properly in the sails. What I did was mount them in front of the speaker hole. I have the mesh sails, and they come with the black screws and a bracket they screw into to secure the speaker. I took the brackets out and mounted them on the other side. Then I screwed the mid-range in from the front. The grille sat perfectly on top of the speaker and there was enough room for the magnet to not interfere with the door plate. The mid-range are also female, so what I did was splice the male harness from the old tweeters onto the mid-range. (Its the only method I could think of, other experienced people please add on). And viola! Mid-range sail speakers! No rattles either.

Got too dark for photos. I can take a few tomorrow if anyone needs them. I just wanted to elaborate a little on this part. Honestly, if the Hyundai amps seems too confusing, at least do this swap! It's really worth it.
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 #369036  by Sneke_Eyez
I let Bobby cut and splice the new amp in to the Pro Am without using the bypass harness.
The amp wasn't expensive enough to justify taking it out later - we'll just leave it in.

That said, I am happy to take some photos.
Can't be tonight - gotta help my mom go pick up her new 200 drop top!

Bobby has the bypass harness in his car and that might help for photos for those looking to do this in that way.
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 #369073  by 02SilverSpecial
Here is the harness: Image

For the non believers:

360 at 1/2 volume on the RB1:


Azera at 1/2 volume same song:


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 #369077  by FIREM
Found an 06 Azera in a yard near me. I'm guessing the amp is in the trunk. Hope to go back this week with tools......
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 #369078  by 02SilverSpecial
Bob the amp is is the same spot as the LH! Right side of the trunk behind carpet held in with 3 10mm bolts. Remember to make sure the car has the 3 speakers in the back deck and the amp ends in 400.

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 #369081  by slimpants

Thanks for the photo, Bobby. I've got a better grasp now.

If anyone can confirm or correct my four inquiries below, please do.
1) A & B are the Azera's original male pigtails (26-pin and 16-pin) and they plug into the Azera amp.
2) C & D are the Kia amp bypass harness #70-7305 (22-pin and 12-pin) connectors.
CORRECTION: D is part of the bypass harness however C is your standard female Chrysler 2002+ radio adapter.
3) E is the subwoofer connector with its four wires that run directly into the four additional pins in connector A.
4) Does B use only 12 of its 16 pins?

Correction It uses 14 of the 16.

Note the 26 Pin Female KIA Bypass Connector is not usedOnly the Green Connector is used
Thanks to all.

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 #369114  by 02SilverSpecial
1. Yes
2. D is part of the bypass harness however C is your stander female Chrysler 2002+ radio adapter.
3. Yes they come from the last 4 of the larger connector.
4. It uses 14 of the 16.

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 #369135  by slimpants

Excellent. I'm almost there. Hahah.
02SilverSpecial wrote:
4. It uses 14 of the 16.
I'm gonna assume, naturally, that all wires from C connect to A and all wires from D connect to B.

14 wires from B connecting to 12 pins on D = two extra wires. Which wires (pins) are those extra two on B and to which pins on D do they connect ?


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 #369137  by 02SilverSpecial
No there are a few that go from one to the other for outputs, all the inputs from power ground and radio connect from C to A.

The two extra on connector B are the Center speaker.

Connector C has the rear deck speakers which go to connector B

Connector D has the sail speakers which go to A.

The sub outputs come from A.

What I did when I first did it was write out the pins to visualize it and use it as a guide. I will try to make a diagram of what goes to what sometime soon

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 #369142  by FIREM
Planning to harvest an amp this weekend and grab the center rear speaker also. Any other stuff I should harvest from a relatively 06 ?
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 #369143  by 02SilverSpecial
The Azera doesn't have the rear center speaker Bob. The Santa Fe has the rear center speaker which is the same as the front center speaker in the Azera (the one that I had in my trunk) other than the amp and harness the 6.5" speakers are riveted to the doors so they won't really be of any use.

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 #369144  by slimpants

Thanks so much, Bobby. As a home audio geek, I obviously just assumed that with each of those pairs one connector was Input and the other was Output.

I scored the 3L400 amp on eBay just this morning but I'll still need to find some connectors for it. I've already replaced my sails with rear door 360s and installed a center* speaker with one from an '06 Pacifica. That job was the proverbial ballbuster - my introduction/first foray into the world of the Dremel tool. That was quite interesting. Buttocks still ache. Heh.

*I had removed my original center speaker 5+ years ago after it failed and began buzzing. At the time, its failure made me ponder "Hmm. I had no idea there was a speaker in the dash."

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