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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #370068  by M-Pressive
Not with the tires that are included.

The bolt pattern may be similar but there is a 7% difference is diameter (assuming you have 17s now).
 #370069  by delorehal
I only have 16" rims, I don't care about the tires because they are dead.
However I readed this thread : ... 00c#p73296
Bolt pattern and offset seems to be différents and they said that using 300c wheels on 300m will lead to problem

What do u think ?
Does anyone use 300c wheels ?
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 #370070  by M-Pressive
I have Chrysler 300 wheels on my M but they are from a different year.

The bolt pattern is a little different but they bolt on just fine. I am not sure anyone has used the specific rims you are asking about but maybe someone can confirm that they will fit.
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 #370121  by Sneke_Eyez
The key is whether the LX (that would be the 300/Charger/Magnum/Challenger) that the wheels come from is all wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

Rear wheel drive wheels fit the LH cars. I believe that all wheel drive rims do not. I have never tried them, but I believe they have a different offset which prevents them from being used on an LH vehicle.

I recognize the rims you are showing as Charger wheels, but I can't figure out whether they were RWD or AWD.
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 #370354  by KCChrysler300
19" is awd, 20" is rwd

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