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 #388827  by FIREM
219000 now will cross 220 in a week or two after our trip to NJ
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 #388844  by First Lady
Noticed I was at 73,123 while working on it today!!

LOL, just looked at the last time I posted in this thread....just a few days shy of a year ago hitting 71k!!

That's about 2100 miles in the last year with about 950 of them being to move the car south in February! No wonder I'm craving driving it!!!!
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 #388885  by Sneke_Eyez
I rolled over 128,000 in my 2004 300M Special on the way home from work on Tuesday night.
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 #389586  by FIREM
Last night on our way out to dinner with the "Mopar's at the Beach " group
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 #389660  by LUNAT1C
Rolled 140k in Ohio on our way to Myrtle Beach. Rolled 141k in SC on our way home from Charleston. Currently sitting around 141,900 as the cold sets in and flurries fly!
 #389677  by TrepKing95
I hit 252,000 on the way home from Myrtle. Had to run the Jeep and Van to let the mileage "recover" for insurance. Ready to get back in that one until the snow starts flying and it goes into winter lockdown.
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 #389697  by First Lady
Wow Michael!!!!!
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 #389757  by First Lady
Rolled to 216,000 in the black car on the way home from FL tonight!
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 #389829  by adu1982
239807 miles on the 2001 LHS
161327 miles on the 2000 300M Base (now my daily)
185701 miles on the 2002 300M Black Special (sadly that is it for it as early tomorrow it's going to the yard...blown engine)

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 #389905  by FIREM
225000 as we arrive in NJ for our planned Christmas with the family. Unfortunately Covid changed our plans dramatically so we are headed south earlier than expected
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 #389938  by M-Pressive
Did an oil change on the black car today. Just crossed over 218k.
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 #389954  by Sneke_Eyez
Rolled over 131,000 on my 2004 Special on Thursday morning.
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 #389955  by adu1982
Skiing in west Virginia this week....crossed over 240k

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 #390211  by First Lady
Hit 75,000 on the way home from Charlotte being Keith’s chase car for the indoor show today!!

 #390214  by bigdog2k7
45,7XX miles as of today on the '02 M
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 #390246  by Sneke_Eyez
Rolled over 133000 last week on the 04 Special. A trip to Orchard Park, NY a few weeks ago helped put more than 2,000 miles on it in less than a month!
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 #390252  by InfernoRedM
Had the Special on a trip to Virginia last week. On Saturday, we took a quick trip to Virginia Beach to see a dance performance for my niece. On the way that morning, we saw this perfect number!

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 #390982  by DetMatt1
I bought my 2004 300M a year and a half ago with about 109k on the odometer and with a round trip from Detroit to Cape Cod last week I think it’s close to 122k. I love the car but I will say that I was hoping it would be more comfortable for long trips. I guess I’m spoiled by my ‘67 Imperial which has been the long road trip car when not flying over the last 10 years.
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 #391233  by EasyRider300M
I now have 89,800 miles on my 2002 Special . I drove only 1500 miles in the past 12 months. At this rate, I'll reach 100K miles in the year 2029.
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