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 #379889  by First Lady
Every year it seems to go faster and faster! But yet again, we've got another Carlisle in the books!

Many drove through some intense rains to get to Carlisle but worth it upon arrival. The only thing that lingered was questioning the pre-Carlisle cleaning process which was undone by the heavy amounts of rain. However, I'm not sure anyone can help themselves! Only one mishap with a harmonic balancer which left Ed and his grandson arriving in a caMry (?!) - never fear, his M as fixed in Gettysburg and picked up later on Saturday. A group found themselves at Dukes, a partner restaurant to our traditional Dockside Willies. Traditional shopping with Bill, Colleen, Charlotte, and Gwen found the Durango and M packed for the weekend. Thursday night found the parking lot filling up with cars and friends! Remi and Domi fresh out of their jump seats from France and Igor from Russia. While it was a relatively early night to bed for most, it was so wonderful to be together!

Friday started early as we arrived at the showfield! We were saved by Scott, Dave, and Cindy with ice and ready for the day. It's always so exciting to see everyone arrive and park - we still remain a force to reckon with - more cars than many other classes!! Carlisle provided us with a special themed banner celebrating the summer of '69. While everyone got cleaned and set up, it was fun to check out all the cars. It took us 18 years to have a genius in attendance - no joke, Clarence had a mini leaf blower to dry off his car after a wash - AMAZING! True definition of work smarter, not harder! Cleaning even became a group effort as everyone pitched in to make the impact of the rain disappear. Many members had new things to showcase - it was awesome! We had a great breeze and full sun which made for a glorious day at the fairgrounds. In past years, Friday had been a lightly attended day at the showfield. Not this year! It was so great to see so many cars attending Friday! We were joined by one new member, Alex, and we were thrilled to have him! Great to have a young gun in the group again!

Friday night had the group invading multiple restaurants and regrouped in the parking lot! As the sun was setting a dash swap started and by flashlights and lightning bug light the new one went in. Amber had new black special headlights installed and aimed and Brian did an alignment. There was only one yell through a parking cone and it was a general hello for old time sake - thanks Keith, it wouldn't have been the parking lot without it. The circle of chairs doesn't take long to shape up and the conversation and drinks flow freely! Goodie bags were handed out and included: club logo trunk organizer, 20th anniversary color changing cup, club logo key chain, club pen, club logo coasters, and a microfiber towel.

Saturday morning was yet another early one! The showfield filled up fast and attendance was record setting. Club shirt day was great as our green shirts stood out in a crowd. John and Barb had front row seats to Lindsey fighting tinfoil on the grill from under their tent - happy to provide entertainment! Another record was set - a Hellcat's roar was hushed by the yells of a human passenger! Bob's video of Darlene is hilarious! The afternoon found club members walking our member's cars and using our electronic voting system for the second year in a row - what a success! BINGO was yelled by one (yay, Gwen!) and the group returned to the hotel for the club dinner.

Saturday night found the group enjoying a wonderful club dinner at a new restaurant. I'm sure many of you saw, our traditional location abruptly closed, abandoning the group. A quick response by a resourceful group found us a great new place, VERY close to the hotel! They had personalized signs leading us to the banquet room and both the owner and manager stopped in. We were so well taken care of and a huge tray of spinach pies was sent out to the group by the owner. Needless to say, I think with all the raving that I heard, we've found a new home for our club dinner! Club awards were distributed and it was fun to recognize fellow members for their hard work - thanks to our resident photographer, Robert, for capturing! Guessing how many green apple jolly ranchers in the container was won by Jacob, Ed's grandson. Returning to the hotel took only minutes and we gathered for cake and toasting to members no longer with us with Precious given by Clarence and Stephanie. Drunky-drunk phone calls took place but with much more organization this year - Ken made a list in his phone while Bob drunk dialed.

Sunday is always a relaxed day with everyone sleeping in and arriving at the showfield much later. Our participant voters discovered some newbies this year as we had four first time showfield winners!!! Check out the winners post here. With all cars lined up for the parade, we lost one due to over heating (bummer!!) but were able to get some great pictures - individual and group shots! The remaining group gathered on the hills of the showfield to document a great event with a double V photo - great idea Ryan! The Monday travel crew has continued to grow so it makes leaving for others harder as fun is still left behind.

Too quickly the weekend was over, goodbyes were said, and members were driving away. It's my least favorite part!! As I work to get through the wrap-up items on my end, I'm thankful for another year of wonderful memories and already looking forward to next year!!