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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #380411  by sparky99
looking at a possible purchase, if I do a deal, I would need tires. Are Lexani tires any good? or are they junk? They are cheap on Ebay... just curious. ... SwHm9c2F~e
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 #380414  by Sneke_Eyez
I looked around before I bought my last set and found widely mixed reviews.
If they had gotten better reviews across the board I may have tried them.

My last 3 sets of 245/35s on the Special and Intrepid have been Generals, Hankooks, and Uniroyals - all major tire brands, all purchased at a pretty good discount, all were/are very good tires.

I really wish Milestar made a 245/35 because I have found every set of their tires to be a superb value for a good tire.
If the Pro Am is still around next summer I will likely be putting a set of them on it.
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 #380417  by LUNAT1C
Whenever I shop for tires, it always comes down to price and reviews. I had 245/35 Nexen tires as the first set on my SRTDs (Brian had them on when I bought the set from him 10 years ago) and they did not age well, consequently I steer people away from them at every opportunity. Replaced with 245/40 Hankook Ventus V12 K110's (I believe those have been replaced in the catalogue with K210s now?) and they were good tires until I hit a pothole that put a softball bubble into one. They were too worn to replace one so I replaced them all with Continental ExtremeContact 345/40 and found my supposed alignment issue dissappeared. The Hankooks "looked" evenly worn, so I'm not sure if there was some internal failure. I wasn't kind to them. I would say Hankooks are nice at first, but don't age well (set on my Charger wore quicker than I expected.

I put Toyo's on the Charger that were extremely nice, but only had them a few months before I traded the car in.

I had Dunlop summer tires on my Grand Prix. I never noticed it, but some folks I cruised to shows with in the NJ Club Grand Prix group told it sounded like a 4x4 on the outside. Sold the wheels they were on when the belts separated and they were shot after a few seasons.

So my experience is the bigger brands are worth the money, but I still follow the reviews and it all depends on who offers my odd tire sizes (245/40/20 Extreme Summer for Luna, 285/75/17 All-Terrain for Big Blue). I don't have specific experience with Lexani so I can't comment. For my next set of tires on the Jeep, Milestar and General are on the list depending on what they offer for All-Terrain. I dropped Milestar this time around because their Patagonia A/T was just a highway tire more than anything... but I digress.

All my other experiences are with All-Terrains on the Jeep (Duratrac, KO2).
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 #380425  by M-Pressive
I have Lexani tires on the show car.

No issues at all, when I change rims I will be getting another set of them.
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 #380426  by EasyRider300M
I never knew Lexani made tires....I always thought they just made wheels. I usually buy Continental or Yokohama tires but seeing I only put on 2000 miles a year now, it will be several years before I need new tires.