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 #384183  by LUNAT1C
It's tempting to get another one, for the 5 additional wheels and tires currently stacked in the basement (4 originals from Nick's Special, and 1 SRTD that was damaged by a particular rude street crater before I upsized the tires), but I might need the wall space for hanging other things lol.
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 #384309  by LUNAT1C
Just a few more odds and ends needed for furniture, and it will feel like a home. Tomorrow we have an appointment to look at a bedroom set (appointment only per the stay-home order, as of today), so the bedroom will feel more lived in. Last night our neighbors were tossing out a set of good condition end tables that Nick took for our back room. I bought new table lamps for the bedroom yesterday and will need another set for the back room, and then the house will fully feel like a home, and not something just moved into... Getting there!

We cleared out everything from our rental and the new tenant is taking over the utilities tomorrow, so we're officially down to one home.
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 #384336  by LUNAT1C
Some furniture developments... I picked up a pair of "oil rubbed bronze" table lamps and what looks like a postage-print shade from Menards (pic later once everything is set up) for the bedroom, and last night we had an appointment to look at new bedroom sets for the new bed we have (state began allowing appointments to shop at furniture stores with sales associates starting this Tuesday). We ordered a full bedroom set. Most of it should be delivered tomorrow except the bedframe. They had no footboards available for that set, so the bedframe will be a few weeks while the factories restart and catch up to the demand.

Weirdly, during the nationwide lockdown, online sales for furniture exploded, so they were out of almost everything.

We also got "new" end tables for the backroom. The neighbor was tossing out good condition end tables Monday night, so Nick took them in the middle of the night. :roll:
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 #384369  by LUNAT1C
Most of the bedroom furniture is in now, just waiting on the footboard to come back into stock to build the bed frame. Also got some lamps into the rooms that need them.

As we're going, I'm thinking about the display in the office. I'd like to get more shelves to flank the cube case the trophies are sitting on, then arrange the plaques around the lobby poster from the 100th running IndyMeet. Can't decide if it should be surrounded by award plaques, or the regular Carlisle/parade plaques...
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 #384377  by LUNAT1C
In-trepid wrote: May 30th, 2020, 1:50 pm You need a separate trophy room!
Hard to do when we still need to set up a game room. :lol:

Plan is to use wall space on the garage as well for displays, once the outer wall is drywalled and storage system built.
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 #384378  by LUNAT1C
Finally got around to making use of the leak-free spigot! Washed all four vehicles.
A key hook rack never looked so good.
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 #384379  by FIREM
Good to see its all coming together for you guys! Feels great to get settled in to a new place doesn't it. Lots of work but at the end of the day one of our first words comes back to haunt us.....
MINE Enjoy!
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 #385088  by LUNAT1C
Been a while since I’ve made updates, but we’ve made more progress. One of the previous owners’ gifts to us was a broken irrigation system. We had an irrigation and lawn company out and they found one of the ball valves on the head unit was cracked and washing the house in a very inefficient 6” square spot. They replaced both ball valves on the head unit and now the system is leak-free and tuned up for the remainder of the season.

Secondary to that, every time the system started up and every time we used the front spigot, there was a nasty water hammer in the house plumbing. We had a plumber out today and he found that the hammer occurred at the inlet line to the water softener. That one had two check valves, and shutting off the water to the softener stopped the hammer. No idea why there were TWO check valves, one after the other, but we had him replace those valves and the shutoff with a ball valve. No more hammer. Nick is quite happy that he can run the sprinklers now with no issue, he’s been very worried that the lawn was looking terrible and dry since we’ve had very little rain this summer.

He spoke to some of the neighbors as well. So far everyone seems to dislike the one guy on the association board who was giving us trouble about the trees (even the board president calls him a “mother******”). The lady two doors from us on the same cul-de-sac said our house has never looked better in the 6 years she’s lived here. Apparently the wife would sometimes rake leaves, but the husband never did anything, and she thinks the wife didn’t truly want to sell it... it was her new husband who did. Kind of a sad tale where she got divorced and bought the house as a single mom in 2003, then recently remarried, and the now step father according to the neighbors was a drunk and a jerk. The way he acted when his precious garbage 27 year old furnace broke after our inspection, which was NOT what I wanted to deal with when I had just learned my father needed emergency quadruple bypass surgery the follow morning, suggests that what the neighbors suspect is probably very true. She did not at all look excited to sell the house at closing.

Since the irrigation and plumber contractors needed to be in the basement, I was down there with them finally getting around to setting up my shelving units and getting things off the floor. Lots of car parts, tools, cleaning supplies. I still need to get some 2x4 lumber to build a rack inside the large wooden bench, and repair the bench a bit, then really sort everything so I can start using the space for projects. Got the spare Special front fascia down under the bench along with my headlight pieces, original mufflers, deep slate console, 6 door panels, etc. etc. Plumber asked if we were building a car. :lol:
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 #385490  by LUNAT1C
Another project completed. We've been storing the trash and recycle bins at the side of the house near the back patio, since there's no room in the garage. We went ahead and got some paver blocks from Menards, dug up the dirt patch where we had the cans, and built a paver pad off the side of the house. Should help keep the dirt from splashing up all over them. We also made two stepping stones up to the patio so we weren't walking across dirt and mulch.

The plan, maybe next year, is to get a landscape company out and build something like a flagstone path from the driveway up to the stepping stones we set into the ground. That will give a nice path to walk when we walk the dog and take care of the dirt problem on that side of the house. Grass just isn't going to grow there with all that shade.
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 #385491  by Sneke_Eyez
Looks great! I've got a neighbor that just bought a fancy little shed/house thing for their trash cans.
Fancy lift top and everything.
It really does a nice job of hiding the bright green with yellow lid (Town of Norwood, MA, spec) trash cans, but I can't imagine spending the money right now.
Maybe someday.
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 #385492  by LUNAT1C
I've looked at those as well. I want to get one to put under the kitchen window and store the lawnmower and other lawn stuff out of the garage, but the association prohibits sheds and outbuildings. I got a large deckbox on the patio to store the ladder, shovels, broom, dog scooper, etc after seeing a dozen neighbors with them. Haven't seen anyone with one of those short lift-top sheds though. I might get approvals to take down the three other trees we need removed, and approval for the garden path (requires the board to come to the property), then think about doing that type of small shed up against the house and tell them it was already there, if they see it and ask. Hard part is our backyard is visible from the main road in, and from the VPs house.

Supposedly a neighbor in our cul-de-sac had gotten approval for a small shed, then the board turned around and said "Wait no, that won't work, you can't do it" when it was going up. Now that neighbor is understandably pissed at them. :lol:
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 #385493  by Sneke_Eyez
Out of curiosity just now, I looked and I believe this is the one they have - $355!

Image ... ype=drawer
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 #385495  by LUNAT1C
There is a resin one similar to that made by Suncast, same company that made the auto-winding hose reel and deck box that I bought for this house, at Menards and Lowes and HD for $230-250. Still not cheap and doesn't look as nice as that one though.
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 #385597  by adu1982
How about a fence. That's what I did to all our houses. White fence with a gate to. Not the tall ones , but the 4ft white vinyl fence. They are just tall enough to cover them. I can open the gate to pull them out , reach over to put the trăsh, and from the street you can't see the cans. Our association sent me letters about them being visible on the side of the house, with pictures. I put them up the left us alone, but I still see some houses around though with them visible.....Image

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 #385602  by LUNAT1C
Fences are regulated, though I'm not sure to what degree. Houses in the center "Island" (what I call it, all their backyards border one another) have fences and a few houses have decorative fences presumably to prevent deer. While walking the dog yesterday I saw a "lakefront" house (great view of the lake, they have their own dock, but there's a 2-lane road between the houses and docks) with horizontal fencing along the side that looks very neat and tidy, and obvious to me that trash/recycle cans are behind it. But, that house is in a different association. We're in ELW II, and the first two neighborhoods along the road that ends in our are a part of ELW I. Ours is much more secluded.

We FINALLY had some rain end of last week, the result of which was a lot of dirt and sand still splashing up onto the cans and onto the new paver pad. So I dug about 8-12" out from the pad and made a bed from white marble decorative stone chips. I had done the same thing around the AC condenser on the other side and that took care of a lot of mud buildup in the condenser. If it still doesn't help, then I'll approach the association about putting up a low fence, painted to match the house.

And yes, some of our neighbors do have their cans out in plain view. One even occasionally has them in front of their garage.
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 #385723  by LUNAT1C
Yesterday while we were at Lowes looking for other things, I wandered over to the organization isle. I’ve been wanting to get a real workbench for years with real storage cabinets, for better organization, getting a bench vise, and getting more walking space between the car and bench. I’ve been perusing Facebook marketplace and Craigslist since we bought the house, hoping to find an estate sale or moving sale where I could pick that up cheaply, but nothing ever came up.

Yesterday, suddenly Lowes had yellow clearance tags on the Gladiator 66.5” wood top bench and the double door steel cabinet that stores neatly under the bench, so I grabbed them. Today I pulled the car out of the garage, cringed when the squirrel got frisky in the tree over the driveway and knocked some nuts onto the car... and got to work. Cleared away the shelving unit that I was using as a “bench”, and built up the new bench and new cabinet. Then I disassembled the half of the shelving unit, and reassembled it on its other half that is behind the black car.

After discarding a lot of stuff that we don’t need and designating a few totes of things that really should be stored in the basement, everything went into place. Now the shelves behind the black car can be used for storing my car care supplies and all my tools have a place under the bench. Bonus, I can freely walk between the bench and the car!

Next step is to get the open wall re-insulated (replace some missing and damaged sections) and drywall it, sand down and retape/mud the existing drywall, and get some primer and white paint on it. Then I can install some steel wall cabinets in place of the terrible wood one that I can’t reliably shut and get more tools neatly organized, and get the garage where I want it with nearly everything off the floor and everything that doesn’t need to be in there, out of there.

I also got out the ladder and hung a fourth LED 4’ shop light, positioned over Luna’s windshield. Quite a bit more light in there now and should be helpful for weekends spent polishing and waxing the car.
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 #385728  by Sneke_Eyez
Looking good! I have looked around as well, including at that Gladiator unit, but I decided to stick with the old school 2x6 bench and vise that was left to me by the previous owner.

It takes up some space, but it is good storage and no need to spend money to buy anything else.
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 #386407  by LUNAT1C
Fall update. As we get deeper into fall, I'm regretting buying a house with lots of trees, in a neighborhood built in a former state park with even more trees, most of them oaks. Our neighbor said there is a weird funnel effect and the wind blows the leaves from most of the neighborhood right to our house and everyone in our cul-de-sac... and she wasn't kidding. Nick cleaned up the yard Sunday, exhausted himself doing it, and today it's like nothing was ever done... this will be a long few months. I bought a 9AH battery for our Craftsman blower to help keep the juice flowing...

The irrigation company we've been using came out the other day and installed a new ball valve and a drain for the front spigot and irrigation system. The 30 year old gate valves have seen better days and were leaking into the system even when closed, so we left the spigot open to keep water out of the irrigation system (lines already blown out for winter), and with the drain and ball valve in place we no longer need to worry about water freezing in the pipes and bursting something. Clearly it had already happened more than once before we bought the house, resulting in a $600 repair back in May to replace two cracked ball valves on the system outside the house. While they were working on that, I installed a 4' LED workshop light over the bench in the basement. Easy to see now!

Thursday will be a very busy day. The windows we ordered in August are built and will be installed on Thursday. 10 windows. The backroom, kitchen table area, dining room 3 windows forming a bay window feature, both upstairs bathrooms, the master bedroom, and the guest bedroom with the half circle window on top. Once they're done, we'll look at getting new blinds for all of the bedrooms to replace the old metal ones, as well as painting the new sawcut trim the window guys will install beneath each window that naturally rotted over the last 3 decades. Always happens, no surprise there.

Finally, next week we're having more tree work done. We found one more dead tree, and two from earlier that are nearly dead to completely take down. Then four other trees in the backyard will have the dead removed and one tree will have a large limb overhanging the house removed. Squirrels had a field day with knocking acorns out of that tree and onto the roof. It was a month-long game of hearing the initial *CRACK* on the roof, wondering if something expensive just happened, and then hearing the *roll roll roll CRACK* as it rolled down the roof and broke on the patio. Had a few barely miss my head while I had Bear out on the patio... he didn't mind the extra food raining down from above.

We've agreed after the trees and windows, we're putting a hard stop on further improvements to the house outside of minor inexpensive things. Time to replenish our savings and make sure we're ready for anything that might expensively stop functioning as designed. We're guessing the 2008 water heater might. Also betting on the GE fridge since it appears to be a newer model, and GE quality tanked a number of years ago. Going to be financially interesting the next few months as I work feverishly to pay off my Jeep, start the payments on the new Durango, save money for the house, and save money to paint my Special, all while continuing to contribute to my 401K and a secondary stocks account that is likely going to be a rainy day fund. No wiggle room for anything else while COVID still has salary workers in my industry on reduced pay... hopefully only until New Years.
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 #386420  by adu1982
I feel for you with the trees. After the last somewhat bad hurricane when my wife saw both oaks in our backyard swing from the root level ....she agreed to go time. So this year I was on a tree killing spree (my mom wants all of them gonna from her house and the rental) ....3.5 gone... 4 trees left.....By the time I'm done I can open a tree removal service....,

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