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 #383824  by E-Rock W
I want to replace my lug nuts and I would like the specs for the replacements. Best hex size, length, type (acorn, bulge), seat angle. I know to stay away from 2 piece lugs. Advance shows a bunch of options, and I am having trouble understanding the Gorilla specs. As always thanks for the help
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 #383833  by M-Pressive
Hey Eric,

Good to see you on here!

I usually use McGard products for my lug nuts when possible. ... ategory=24

The link sends you to everything that works for our cars. They do sell full kits as well, I usually find them on eBay.

Hope that helps
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 #383864  by E-Rock W
Thanks, worth a look
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 #383867  by M-Pressive
E-Rock W wrote: April 29th, 2020, 9:18 pm Thanks, worth a look
No problem

I have been doing some research for Lindsey.

m12 x 1.50 are the important numbers.

Cone seat with a 60 degree pitch.

As long as you have those things the lugs will work.