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 #389629  by KxWarrior
Wifes 00 Intrepid ES (3.2L) had a bad injector so I changed that out early last month. Haven't drove it much, but was getting some excessive crankcase pressure. Was blowing oil out of the dipstick. Is it safe to say I should change the pcv valve? Also found out the hose has a bit of a cut in it, so planning to change that too. What hose is recommended for that? Thanks in advance.
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 #389630  by FIREM
If I am not mistaken the PCV to intake hose, 4663961 is still available (non heater set up)
If not be sure to use and oil or oil vapor rated hose, NOT heater hose as it will swell and turn to mush in the presence of oil. Be sure to also check the air cleaner to crankcase/valve cover hose.
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 #389636  by KxWarrior
Think it could potentially be the pcv as well?

Unsure of thr date I changed it last so it's probably well overdue
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 #389637  by FIREM
I would swap it out, cheap fix.
Is the crankcase pressure or maybe steam from traces of coolant in the oil. Have seen intake gaskets weeping from sitting for a while……
Blow by all the time or just when hot? Maybe post up a video…
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 #389640  by LUNAT1C
PCV valves are cheap and easy to replace. Even if it doesn't fix anything, you're only out a few bucks and 5 minutes.
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 #389647  by KxWarrior
Think it was when hotter. I let it up to temp the other day and watched it for about 15 minutes. Various rpms. I couldn't replicate what was going on with it when Sarah drove it

New intake gaskets new egr gaskets (since had to go in and do the injector, I went ahead and did them too) I'm going to purchase some parts and get it taken care of. It didn't happen before the injector swap so I'm guessing I botched something