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 #389649  by In-trepid
I am getting ready to assemble new front struts. I have a question regarding what parts are actually needed at the top of the strut. The Factory Parts Manual shows Mount, seat and bearing assembly, and an isolator. The mount and the seat and bearing assembly are OEM Mopar. The Isolator in this case is Monroe. The seat and bearing assembly appear to have a spring groove molded in. This piece is hard plastic or a composite material. The hard rubber isolator fits into the seat on the seat and bearing assembly pretty well, but not perfectly. I'm sure that with spring pressure it will fully seat. My question is am I correct in using all three parts, or is the seat with the spring grooves meant to be the top support for the spring? Either way looks like it would work fine. The only issue that I see is that using the isolator should cushion the spring better, but also add about 1/2 inch to overall curb height.

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 #389650  by FIREM
Correct assembly from new is using all parts listed. The mount/bearing "assembly" then the isolator and spring.
That is how they were from day one along with an isolator on the bottom of the spring seated on the strut.