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This is the place for off-topic discussions

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 #389743  by Countachqv
Maybe time for one more car. Who has had a 77 Trans Am here? And is there anyone living around Indiana PA?
If so let me know.
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 #389771  by LUNAT1C
How similar is it to a 1970.5 Camaro SS? Both are 2nd gen F-bodies with 1970.5 being very early. '77 might have been refreshed. My Father-in-law's first car is a 1970.5 SS and he still has it, parked in the garage since 1993. 350 V8, Automatic, vinyl roof car. If a 77 Trans Am is mechanically similar I can ask him any questions you might have. 2nd gen F-bodies typically have rust at the base of the driver's A-pillar in the cowl area, under the windshield (his does). About all I know off hand.