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  • Join us in Indianapolis, Indiana in May 2022 for our Indy 500 meet.
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Join us in Indianapolis, Indiana in May 2022 for our Indy 500 meet.

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 #390839  by FIREM
sparky99 wrote: May 15th, 2022, 7:42 pm So, can we get some kind of head count on this? I really would like to do a day trip if possible. I'd think it would be easier for a head count as to who and when.

1. Robert Waikel -Carb day? Maybe Saturday? which is better?
Still working on final times..........
Darlene and I are planning to arrive sometime Thursday
We have Tickets to "Carb Day" Friday.
We will be at the track, Defiantly stopping by John's Bricks and take some time to reflect on the great times we had in the past at this place. Mud Flap's will be consumed no doubt along with a Landshark or 2. Will also be reaching out to Barb and family, hoping to share some hugs ( some tears likely)

Along with final race practice from 11:00-1:00 is the Pit Stop Challenge from 2:30-4:00. If you have never seen this it is pretty neat. Teams line up for a Modified Pit Stop and it is very competitive.
There is also a concert from 4:00-6:00 that we have no real interest in.
Saturday: Track is quite......Legends Day, Drivers Autograph session and drivers meeting. (No plan to attend)
There is the Festival Parade downtown Indy that we plan to attend. Meeting relatives for breakfast and gettina a spot on the parade route. This will be a first for me so I have no real Idea, other the You Tube videos of the event.
Sunday: RACE DAY!!
 #390840  by BigMike60
Have four seats as usual for the 500. Dumped my 2 for the Grand Prix, just had no one who could go, replacing John, so I gave those away to some friends. I have 3 relatives flying-in Friday before the 500 and we will be staying in Greensburg, IN, about an hour from the track. May hit either the Legends Day stuff early Saturday, or the parade downtown around noon. Not sure yet on that yet. Hoping no Covid issues divert them. (If that were to occur I will put a quick post up for anyone who could make it for the race.) This will probably be my last 500, as getting up there, etc., is becoming a chore as I age. I may try to hit Carlisle in July depending on how things go over the next month or so. If so I will bring all my 300M meet street signs from my garage since the M is now gone to grandkids who don't have wall space for them. If I do that folks can get them cheap at the meet and proceeds to the Club.
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 #390887  by FIREM
Although there is not an "Official Indy Meet" this year, I will have the cleanest if not the only 300M there at least in tribute to the past years.
If it were not for the efforts of "Big Mike & Beespecial" and "This Thing of Ours" I don't know if I would have checked Indy off my bucket list.
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 #390888  by BigMike60
Absolutely as clean as Stan’s used to be.
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 #390892  by M-Pressive
We will miss being there. Just didn't work out.

Enjoy and have a mudflap for us!
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 #390894  by FIREM
BigMike60 wrote: May 22nd, 2022, 3:55 pm Absolutely as clean as Stan’s used to be.
Well it appears that only 2 of the original "Faithful Five" are returning in person this year.
I'm sure Stan & John will be with us in spirit.
Haven't heard from Rick Stilp/ geezer300M in quite some time....

Mudflap's are defiantly on the menu!!!
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 #390911  by sparky99
well, as unfortunate as it is, I'm not able to come to Carb Day. I have to work. It looks like there will be 2 in place of a usual crew of 8. Wish me luck.
Enjoy the festivities guys. Be safe. Tell John's bricks I say Hi!
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 #390913  by FIREM
Sorry you can’t make it. We traveled part way yesterday, overnighted in Greenville SC with friends. Will compete the trip today and be at the track tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather may have other plans like washing the track Friday. We will see what we get.
Race Day weather looking good hope it’s true
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 #390920  by FIREM
Arrived safe and sound at our hotel in Indy. Stopped by and picked up our tickets and passes for the weekend. Uncle Tom really hoked us up!
Hulman Suite for Carb Day (That includes garage passes)
Front row seats for the Parade downtown Saturday
Awesome high in turn 4 seats race day and......
Post Race Garage Passes!!!
This happened to pop up on Darlene's Facebook memories today from 4 years ago, had to share here : Image
We have been in contact with Barb and family and will be seeing them during our visit.
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 #390926  by FIREM
Carb Day did NOT get rained out! Had a good at the track
Of course had to have a Mud Flap
Spent some time with Barb and family, more to come!!!
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 #390927  by LUNAT1C
Good new on the rain. It all must have come up this way, rained on an off all day.
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 #390939  by FIREM
Last night we were invited to a BBQ with Barb and John's family.
Lots of hugs and some tears for all as we shared the love of our club faMily.
Open invitation for any or all to join us at Carlisle or Myrtle Beach meets when they are ready.
Preparing to head to the track for "The Great Race"
Already have a bunch of pics to upload, more to come.
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 #390949  by BigMike60
We got to Greensburg fine on Friday. One hour to the Legion on Georgetown for Saturday parking. Got shuttle to Museum and guests enjoyed that, but it was packed. Walked back over to Pagoda. Guests with Bronze badges went to the garages while I looked with grandson Mike for John’s brick, which by luck we found in about five minutes. Race day was a nightmare getting to our IMS 1B lot near 30th at the Georgetown intersection via the recommended 38th Street exit. What took us an hour on Saturday took us 3 more hours Sunday at same arrival time (0900) to get off the Interstate and on to 38th and eventually on to 30th Street. Traffic was backed up 1 + 2 lanes of the highway for 1-2 miles at the 10th, Crawfordsville, and 38th Street ramps. Worst traffic control I have ever seen. Cops did nothing to control intersections or ramp exits. Nothing. We started at 0745 and got to our seats just before the race started around 1230. I had two race day pit passes for the guys, but they were only good before 1100, so they went for naught. Family still enjoyed the seats in A stand, section 41, and row RR, under roof and with a good breeze. Getting out of there, after a 1.5 mile walk to our lot was much better except for navigating thru the humanity going every which way pouring out of the gates we passed, and except again for the cops at intersections who were worthless, and allowing long minutes of cross traffic to block intersections at the lights. Trip home to Greensburg took about 1.5 hours, not bad. In short, never again for me. Last hurrah at the 500. Just too much of a hassle on race day. Not worth my time. Oh, and gas at $5.05 a gallon.
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 #391009  by FIREM
Finally got pics loaded : ... race-2022/
Agree with Mike, Traffic control was HORRABLE both going to and leaving the track. While moving 350,000 people is a major task, it has been handled much better in the past. Guess they are out of practice or are new to the task. We lucked out for parking "in the neighborhood" for $20 each day.
Write up and recap to follow soon.