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 #390451  by FIREM
To Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Special Edition 300M, a little research may have turned up a few new little known facts. Check it out here: ... m-special/
Included in this write up is a link to the original, How Special is the 300M Special topic written many years ago.
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 #390482  by InfernoRedM
Nice job on this, Bob! Thanks for putting it together.
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 #390485  by LUNAT1C
Lots of good info here. I did not know much about the concept car, weird that they did not follow through on the brake upgrade (4-piston setup) as the trans had nothing to do with that. Maybe bean counters got to it as the base price would have shot up for a 1-car application part.

Some notes... DSB was replaced by Midnight Blue for 2003, though I am aware of at least one very early 2003 Special that is DSB from the factory (DSB was dropped from the entire LH line, not just the Special, existed only for 01-02 I believe).

I know there's been debate about the lowering springs, but I did confirm that factory Specials have 1/2" lowered springs and 1/2" lower bodies (cladding) for a combined advertised 1" lower ground clearance. My blue car has factory springs and OEM spec Mopar replacement struts while the black car that we sold in November has/had police package springs and struts (same height as normal springs). Blue car measured 1/2" lower to the ground at the fender arches at each corner versus the black car with non-Special springs. My cladding was also around 1" lower overall. Raising the black car on a floor jack was a treat compared to the blue car.

I'll have to dig through my 2002 brochures to see if there was any mention of ride height or ground clearance.