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 #392009  by M-Pressive
Air ride parts on order. Looking like a Saturday delivery.

Hopefully they come or the car stays home.
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 #392011  by First Lady
Either way you’re welcome to wash here before we head to MB Robert. Just hope it’s an easy drive for you.
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 #392012  by FIREM
The "Day's Inn South" open and available for last minute washing, cleaning, prep etc as needed for the weekend.
Shop open and available however "Lead Tech" available for "consultation only" LOL
Looking like after this weekends "weather events" all looking good for next weekends show.
Those that have been here before should know the way.
For the few "newbies"
8204 Eastwind Ct
Myrtle Beach SC 29579.
We still may not be on some navigation systems so use 7130 Swansong Circle, we are across the street.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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 #392020  by LUNAT1C
Keeping an eye on our friend Ian... the track appears to have shifted east since yesterday, cone of uncertainty is now largely east of Charlotte. Looking likely that we'll get another hour of seat time and pass through my sister's old stomping grounds, Knoxville.

Still have not decided if we're going to leave after dinner Saturday and overnight near Cincinnati, or leave wee hours of Sunday morning and drive straight through. Straight through approach will involve lots of coffee along the way and probably a driver switch at the first fuel stop. Well over 800 miles, I expect fuel stops near the Ohio/Kentucky border and in SC before we reach Chateau Jarvis.

I'm sure there will still be some amount of rain as Ian breaks apart over SC and the bands spread out, hoping the jet stream carries them away. If not, I may be begging the Jarvis' or the Day's for a hose. :lol:
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 #392037  by M-Pressive
Clarence, Stephanie, Robert and Nick all arrived yesterday.

Plan to relax and do some exploring the next couple days and head up to Myrtle Beach on Wed later in the day.
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 #392038  by FIREM
Good to hear most of the gang are safe here in South Carolina. Darlene has been in touch with Cindy & Dave and they are set up locally to join us.
Any one heard from Mike or Charles?
Had my pre-op visit today for surgery Wednesday, told the doctor my plan to attend the car show Thursday. He was not surprised and just told me not to overdue it. (Will update post surgery if the plan has to change but I doubt it will)
Car got a preliminary clean up today and will final detail it tomorrow. Won't be "Carlisle Clean" but will at least be presentable for the show.
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 #392041  by M-Pressive
Mikey is good. Been communicating with him.

Not sure about Charles. Not even sure he is coming.
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 #392042  by 00R/T
I hope y’all have a great time! I was really hoping to join in on the fun, but I’m flying back to CT Wednesday to get the last few things squared away at my old house before the closing.
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 #392043  by FIREM
We will miss you Steve, no excuses next year!!
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 #392045  by TrepKing95
M-Pressive wrote: October 3rd, 2022, 8:28 pm Mikey is good. Been communicating with him.

Not sure about Charles. Not even sure he is coming.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning, expecting to be down there around 4:30p. Charlie is not coming.
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 #392050  by charliebues
I wish I could have made it, school and work has kept me too busy for Myrtle Beach unfortunately. Looking forward to Carlisle next year and maybe Indy.