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 #391021  by sparky99
I have some stuff, I'm tired of looking at it. I will name a price. Please, know that this is only a starting point. I am willing to take offers if seriously interested. Prices listed are delivered to Carlisle or plus shipping. I may be able to deliver the tires/wheels, but there will need to be planning for this.

Light Taupe California Walnut modified Shift bezel. You may see that the shift arrows have been modified and grafted into the bezel. All lights are operational. One little crack in the shifter boot on the right side of the boot. Its in the middle. This was originally Gorm's part. I really would like to get $50.00. I am more firm on this than anything else. Still open to offers.

Special Headlight set. One tab has light damage (Passenger inner tab) could be fixed pretty easily I believe. This is the set that was in the green car when I tore it down. Hence the yellowing. They are 100% complete with LED high beam bulbs. 75.00 set
There is a separate closer image of the damaged tab. These did bolt in just fine.

Single Falken/Ohtsu FP7000 245-45-18 Ran on the back (LR) for 1 summer. I then bought a whole new set to put under the Intrepid. This was kept as an emergency spare. Very good tread. I would like $70.00 for this one.

AGAIN!!! If you are interested, PLEASE, make an offer. I really want this stuff gone.

Best way to reach me is by Text. (260) 402-9475, my name is Robert. Don't be afraid to shoot me a message.
You can also reach me at: please make note that its about parts in the subject line. I may miss it otherwise.
 #391024  by Countachqv
Robert, I am interested in the driver special mirror and the incomplete driver special front light.
pm sent
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 #391225  by sdugasjr
Just curious, what LED bulbs did you have in the high beams on that set of special headlights?
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 #391247  by sparky99
sdugasjr wrote: June 25th, 2022, 9:39 am Just curious, what LED bulbs did you have in the high beams on that set of special headlights?
I got them off of eBay, I believe... I don't remember the brand.
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 #391368  by sparky99
tires and wheels have been listed locally as well.
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 #391662  by sparky99
I am going to start tossing low cost items. I don't want to, but want them gone and the room.
I have had a few bites on the wheels/tires but still have them too. Please shoot an offer.
I am thinking about listing a few things on eBay as well.
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 #391917  by sparky99
Edited post with whats left. I did toss a few things. I'm getting tired of moving things around... The rest of this stuff needs to go!
Don't be afraid of making a serious offer.
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 #392059  by sparky99
Ok, I sold the special wheels with tires on them. I still have whats pictured.
I am ready to move these last few items. Please message me if you are interested.
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 #392324  by sparky99
I have had a couple of inquiries about items lately. Alex, I will get back to you ASAP. I have had a couple of hang-ups lately. Please don't hesitate to make offers.