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 #391516  by First Lady
Our early arrivers, Clarence and Stephanie did it in style with a beautiful car trailer for StealthM on Wednesday which had many drooling over the weekend. Others started their pilgrimage or were finishing last minute projects in hopes to an early drive on Thursday and then there’s the crazy overnight crew who arrives at the junk yard as they open!! Thursday brought the great reunion of so many members…there’s nothing like the hellos! Our annual meal at Dockside Willies was a bit later than in past years but so great to uphold the tradition. We were all VERY thrown as we crossed the street to the overflow parking lot and saw Ken Eyler pulling away in a Special. Once back at the hotel parking lot there was a surprise to be seen. So wonderful to have him back in an M! In the parking lot, we all visited with Dave and Cindy’s adorable 16 year old pup, Snicker. She was very busy visiting with everyone and following Cindy around as she distributed hugs. Ryan and Keith washed a few cars and Waikel and I dried. Not too many projects broke out but Robert Knapp was wonderful to install his newly built projector fog lights for John’s (BeeSpecial) car (another item off John’s wish list he has for his car!). They’re amazing and I’m so thankful to have Robert’s touch on completing this project for John.

Friday started early at the showfield – there’s always so much excitement to get there. We had a great spot and found that some event locations had also changed. The Woman’s Oasis was kiddy corner to us as was the seminars tent. Very different from past years. The weather was great sunny but not too hot. It was great to see everyone begin to clean and get setup. Waikel putting in the sweat on other’s cars – so AMAZING!! Friday evening the group broke into smaller groups and spread out for dinner. Many went to Texas Roadhouse keeping that tradition alive and a group of us went to a brewery which had been recommended by the overnight crew the day before. We had the BEST waiter any of us had ever had – Dirty Mike was truly amazing at his job and we laughed soooo hard with him! Even gained a new nickname for Charlotte, sharkie! Joe and Heather joined us later with his parents and conveniently were seated next to us – as if we could have planned it! Time would tell we thankfully wouldn’t scare Heather too much with our shenanigans!

Snicker gave her mom and pop a bit of a scare and unfortunately, Dave and Cindy decided to depart early to return home in Snicker’s best interest. Everyone’s hearts went with them as the rainbow bridge was sadly nearing. Upon returning to the hotel, we were treated with getting to see John Potter’s museum piece! As his first Carlisle, it was so cool to see his M with about 4600 miles on it! Of course, parking lot hangout into the wee hours of the morning. Delicious sangria made a hit with many thanks to Clarence and Steph! The night didn’t end until Bill and Keith realized the beer was gone, might as well turn it in.

Sunrise at the showfield Saturday was ungodly early and had us questioning why we do this to ourselves! We weren’t treated to as beautiful of a sunrise as last year as the clouds came in but they made for an amazingly not hot day. It’s been a long time since it wasn’t blazing hot at the showfield and the cloud cover was very welcomed! Cars were detailed and looked amazing – one of my favorite things is to walk the line of cars and see them presented at their best! It was also really cool to have newbies Charlie Bues and Michael Malm there as the longtime members showed him the Carlisle ropes. In addition to Colleen, Gwen, and Sharkie making these really beautiful wood signs in the Women’s Tent, a number of the ladies played bingo and we had a lucky winner in her bingo debut – congrats Steph! The hill was packed with cars and there were so many spectators walking around. Many very interested in our cars and speaking to us. One man almost ran Nick over with his scooter he was so excited to talk about his past M with someone who shared a love for them. Michael Taylor was genie-like and seemed to be everywhere talking to everyone – like magic! Saturday also brought in some great members who we hadn’t seen in a bit – Chase, Michael, Will, and Robert and it felt complete as Anne and Ken were able to join the group.

The group reunited with Mike Brawley who was avoiding the heat and made their way across the street for our club dinner. We made the best out of it and enjoyed all being together. We did a 50/50 winner which Bobby was lucky winner of! We also awarded the John Benjamin Virtual Car Show awards to any winner present as well as the club Carlisle awards.

Club Showfield winners:
-Longest Distance Driven-
Justin Hopkins (hbk73)

-As Voted by All Attending Members-
Lindsey Jarvis (First Lady)

-Chosen by the Current President-
Ken Eyler (carfan77)

-Exceptional Exterior Styling-
John Potter (Abiesalba)

-Celebrating 20 Years of Style-
Keith Jarvis (beespecial)

-Most Outstanding Ride in Attendance-
Clarence Anthony (StealthM)

Saturday night in the parking lot included all the traditional things – cake distributed by the Schmoppe women and a Blanton’s toast to members gone too soon. As people settled into conversations, Bob made his drunk phone calls, and there were true parking lot shenanigans at their best as Keith exited the hotel wearing a road cone costume in which to deliver Ryan’s annual ‘your car is green’ message. The 10 months of having it hanging in the closet was well worth the laughs!! Definitely taken to the next level!! As was the McDonalds order made by Ken of 200 nuggets and as many fries as they could make. Love that the order was made with a note it was not a (CENSORED) and the size bag that it all arrived in was shockingly large!

Sunday is so much more casual at the showfield and it seemed like all to quickly the parade was taking shape and making its way across the grandstand. It was so great to have so many winners in our three categories present and representing. And what a way to capture a picture of Christy Lee for Matt as he and Justin had already started their trip home!

Carlisle Events Showfield winners:
300M Specials
1st - Robert Knapp (LUNAT1C)
2nd - Keith Jarvis (beespecial)
3rd - Ryan Adamowicz (sonicrob)

1st - Clarence Anthony (StealthM)
2nd - Robert Day (FIREM)
3rd - Scott Geary (IS300M)

1st - Ryan Severance (Sneke_Eyez)
2nd - Ken Wesley (KxWarrior)
3rd - Michael White (1996LHS)

For some, Sunday marks the end of the weekend and the trip back home. It’s the worst to start the goodbyes. As the Sunday night crews has grown over the years, it draws out the worst part of the weekend. Before departing the showfield, a handful of cars returned to the pavilion for some group pictures of the cars. Scott did a great job efficiently directing for our resident photographer Robert Knapp. Not to worry, no crazy man hitting buildings and blaming it on us this year. It was uneventful thankfully!! Sunday night the small group returned to the brewery for a great meal and returned to the hotel breakfast room due to rain. We finished off the cake and as 11pm neared started to say goodbye.

Monday morning finds the final cars pulling away to head home, or in Bob and Darlene’s case on to NJ to visit with family for the week. It’s so bittersweet to have the weekend coming to a close but so desperately wanting to hibernate for a few days to make up for nights of lost sleep. As the ‘made it home’ reports came in, it has us looking forward to next year!
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 #391528  by First Lady
I’ve added a bunch of pictures I have from the weekend to the Fotki folder…feel free to add yours too!! ... isle-2022/
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 #391553  by FIREM
Great Job with the recap as usual Lindsey!
Although parking lot "fixins" were limited and rained out, it didn't stop us from some indoor work. Image
Finally home and unpacked from the second part of our trip and awaiting weekend guests here at the Day's Inn South!.