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 #392028  by yoyop5050
I'm considering buying FCS Quick Struts 1332322L, 1332322R for my 02 Chrysler 300m. Are they worth the $58 considering other brands are over $100-$200 for a piece. I only drive around 6-12 miles per day to work on straight smooth Florida roads. It is an old junky and I'm probably going to get rid of it in a couple years. Just wanted to know on others opinions if anyone has had any experience with them. Thanks.
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 #392032  by LUNAT1C
I would consider all quick strut assemblies to be a bad idea. They all consider the front mounts to be the same side to side, and they're not. You might get lucky if you only keep it a year or two, but it's not worth the double labor to me to do it over.