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 #393992  by FIREM
As some of you may or may not know I have been a fan of Sleep Number Beds for 15+ years.
Those of you at Carlisle this year saw me hobble around the showfield, barley able to walk due to back pain. :twisted:
First day home in my Sleep Number bed I was 50% better, second day I would say 75%. :o
Still waiting to hear back from the Doctor as t our next plan but.........
Sleep Number ROCKS, best place to leave your back pain ! :headbang
Number varies between 75 & 100 depending on how much I ache :wink:
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 #393994  by M-Pressive
We love ours as well!

Glad it is giving you some relief
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 #394158  by Sneke_Eyez
Glad that you are feeling better, Bob!
I've never considered one, but I hear rave reviews from all. Ashley and I replaced our mattress only a couple of years ago, but maybe next time...
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 #394164  by LUNAT1C
The mattress we bought with our new bed 3.5 years ago isn't panning out the way we hoped... in fact the one we bought 9 years ago for the old bed that is now in the guest bedroom is still much better. We'll give it a few more years at least before thinking about a new one, seems wasteful to replace a 3.5 year old king mattress.