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 #394160  by MoPar~Guy
About 7 or 8 years ago as part of my quest to nail down a suspension clunk on my '00M I did replace the inner tie rods (because they were cheap from rock auto). When I actually took them out, they looked fine, but I replaced them anyways. I know there's a bushing kit (I have several of them, I buy lots of parts from time to time) and I'm wondering if there's something pressed into the inner tie rod that is a wear-item that you can't replace separately or does the bushing kit cover anything that does wear?

I guess I'm asking is there ever any reason to replace the inner tie rods themselves, assuming they're not bent or the part where the tie rod end is screwed in is not messed up.

I'm replacing the outer tie rod ends in my '01 right now, and I'm wondering if I should put another set of inner tie rods on my list of parts to buy or will just a bushing set (which I already have) be everything I need if I want to R&R the other end of the rods.
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 #394163  by LUNAT1C
Absent any damage to the rods, almost no one ever replaces them. Only the bushings. Last year I could have made it easy on myself to replace mine since I was doing inner and outer together, but the cost of just the press-in Mopar bushings and the tool to do it was less than the replacement inner rod assembly by a wide margin.

A note on bushings, the 2-piece replacements are nice in that they're easy to install with no special tools, however they seem to fail much faster than the OEM 1-piece press-fit style. If what you have on hand is the 2-piece, be aware that you'll need to keep an eye on them at least annually for signs of early failure.
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 #394168  by MoPar~Guy
The car had developed a side-to-side shimmy that was pretty much only felt at 42 kph (26 mph). About 3 shimmy's per second, and you really felt it. But not through the steering wheel. Felt nothing there. This developed really only over the past 2 weeks. I jacked one front wheel up and wiggled it and could see the play in the tie rod end, so I knew that's a problem, hopefully the only one. I had a pair of SKP tie rod ends, probably a $ 5 rockauto dealer closeout. Does't have grease fittings, I'll probably inject some grease through a needle into the boot. I didn't have any new adjuster sleeves, I might pick up a few, I reused the old ones, matching the number of turns. Both sides were set up exactly the same in that regard.

After installing the new ones, with one tire off the ground I can still get about 1/4 inch of play when I wiggle the tire, maybe 1/2 inch, but it's not the tie rods. I don't know if that's normal, probably isin't. The steering wheel isin't moving when I wiggle the tire. Probably the inner bushings?

Took it for a drive, the shimmy is gone, steering setup seems fine, it tracks straight.
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 #394174  by LUNAT1C
If there's no apparent issue now, I would leave it alone.