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 #395069  by First Lady
Working to get my car back together and we got stuck when we went to install the new tensioner. It came in the rock auto 2002 kit with an OEM part number on it (4892109AA). However, it’s very different.

Why does everywhere say it will work but it looks so different? Anyone used it for an 02? Will it work?
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 #395073  by FIREM
Will it work: kind of.
Is the pad/ contact point on the idler bracket the same?
Typically the tensioner & bracket are a matched set.
I typically only replace the bearing, maintaining the match.
Personally I would reuse the old one as long as it is not leaking oil. Twice the spring length.
 #395075  by cin993
Aisin is the OEM, 4573347, made in japan, great quality, this number is even stamped on your part as in the picture. It's what i used, exact match. ... 21&jsn=507

I bought the OEM parts I wanted individually bc i wasn't happy with the kits...Gates or AC Delco or whatever kits. It costs a little more but I got OEM quality
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 #395077  by In-trepid
Sometime between 2002 and 2003 the factory changed the tensioner and idler pulley. As Bob stated above, the tensioner and idler pulley must match. Either set will work just fine for any of the years, but they can't be mixed and matched. The change is the area where the tensioner rides on the idler mechanism, thus supporting either a longer or shorter tensioner. Make sure that your old idler pulley and your new one is the same or not. If the same, the new tensioner won't work, if different the new tensioner is probably matched to the the new idler pulley and will work just fine.
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 #395089  by First Lady
Thanks all!