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 #395454  by TrepKing95
Through one of my dealer groups, I found 4 unsold Mopar Remanufactured transmissions at a dealer in New York. I verified with the VIN off my parts car special that these units are Special/2.7L geared. There will be no warranty offered with these units. (P/N R5097984AI)

I have worked out a deal with one of their associates, for club members they are for sale for $1500 plus shipping.


Call (315) 577-3267 and ask for Matt, and tell him Mike sent you!
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 #395459  by M-Pressive
I may grab one and put it away.
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 #395466  by 135sohc
TrepKing95 wrote:
> [quote=135sohc post_id=395458 time=1712973085 user_id=27214]Link ?[/quote]
> The phone number is in the original post. This is a sale from a dealer, not
> a web link.

I was referring to this.

StealthM wrote:
> They have been listed on Ebay for a while now.
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 #395503  by LUNAT1C
Very tempting, but I just bought a lightly used lawn mower and string trimmer that works with my battery system, after years of waiting for a good deal to come up, and just paid my insurances for the year. If it came up in a couple months, maybe.