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 #395580  by goodwrenchldj
Recently I carefully followed the Haynes manual and dropped the headliner of my 1999 300M so that I could remove the sun shade to replace its deteriorated fabric. Only after doing this did I go to this forum where I discovered that all of this work was totally unnecessary. I am now putting things back together and reinstalling the plastic trim pieces.
With regard to the post just behind the front doors Haynes said to “Remove the knob on the seat belt adjuster,…”. I was not able to remove the knob but I did remove the snap in plastic B pillar interior trim. I am now having difficulty reinstalling it. Any help offered by forum members will be appreciated.
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 #395582  by LUNAT1C
Are you saying you popped the upper B-plr hard trim out of place without removing the upper seat belt mount? It would then be dangling behind the upper seat belt mount?

The trim piece has two datum posts that locate the trim into the sheet metal. Locate them, and then the clips should fit right into place. Make sure the weatherstrip isn't getting crushed beneath it.

Easiest thing to do is to unbolt the seatbelt from the upper pillar adjuster. There is a small piece of plastic covering the bolt that comes apart with snaps, then a torx bolt behind it.

I would also throw out the Haynes manual and get the factory service manuals (FSM).
 #395586  by goodwrenchldj
Thank you for your response. What I need to remove from what Chrysler calls the Front Seat Belt Turning Loop Adjuster is the knob that the driver manipulates which allows them to move the height adjustment.

Also, where can I get the factory maintenance manual that you mentioned?
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 #395587  by LUNAT1C
You can find them on eBay, search Chrysler 300M Factory Service Manual and your year. If you have a 2003, I believe you would be getting the 2002 thick manual and a 2003 supplement.

The adjustment knob doesn't come off at all for that. That's why Haynes is no good, it often doesn't know what it's talking about. I've had my B-pillar trim off many times and never needed to do that, only need to detach the belt loop itself from the adjusting mechanism. Then the trim pops off and on.
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 #395591  by M-Pressive
I think you are taking about the black sliding plastic piece that sits in the back slots of the b pillar.

You need to slide it down from the top in the slots that run parallel to the pillar. I think there are four or six pieces it slides behind. Two or three on each side.

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 #395838  by LUNAT1C
I think I understand what the original question was, just tonight.

I’m in the process of swapping out my hard trim to go back to the original color, and in the process I discovered only now that the filler trim between the adjuster and the adjuster knob is supposed to slide through tabs in the B-pillar, which means that little knob needs to come off for the B-pillar to fit right.

If you look up at the knob from below, you’ll see a small rectangular hole with snaps from the adjuster mechanism post snapping in good and tight.

It takes some finesse and patience, but I was able to use a straight small pick tool to fit between one of the snaps and the knob, pry the snap back, and pull the knob off the post while prying at the snap. No need to pry both, just one was enough to release the knob.

Then it’s a simple matter of aligning the sliding trim piece on the B-pillar to the now knobless post and snap the B-pillar upper trim to the sheet metal of the car. Snap the knob back on and reinstall the upper seatbelt mounting point, snap the cover back on, and be on your way.

If you’re trying to remove the upper B-pillar trim, then I would suggest removing the seatbelt upper mounting point first, before messing with the knob. I checked the FSM and it appeared to say to remove the knob first, which is near impossible with the belt mounting point in the way.