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  • What to use to clean taupe leather?

  • Get a vacuum and some Armor-All Leather Wipes. What else do you need?
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Get a vacuum and some Armor-All Leather Wipes. What else do you need?

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 #57243  by DramaticSpecial
I have taupe leather in my M. I used Armor All Leather Protectant (spray) on my seats and noticed small spots on the leather (sort of like an overspray spot). What can I use to remove these spots? What would you recommend for cleaning and conditioning taupe leather? I do have Lexol for leather, both cleaner and conditioner. Would this be good for the M? Thanks
 #57244  by sdmike300m
the lexol leather products should do fine. I have a sandstone interior and use the zaino leather treatment. It's not a cleaner, but it conditions and has UV blocking.
 #57245  by phobos512
Dramatic,I have the taupe interior as well and I use Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Foam Cleaner/Conditioner on my seats. It definitely makes the seats cleaner, takes care of all the dirt i bring in from work, and it feels softer after I use it was well. It does smell (not like headache inducing fumes tho) for a day or so after you do it and it makes the leather slippery, again for about a day, but it keeps my seats (or I guess I should say seat because I've only NOT been alone in my M about 5 times) like new. It's also got the UV blocking stuff that Lexol has.<img src="">

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 #71233  by Gorm
I used a leatherique / pristine clean solution on my taupe inserts of the pro-am seats, by the time there done they nearly look white. Thats pretty good stuff IMO.


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 #71247  by Humanx
I have light pearl biege leather and use Zaino products, Z9 (leather soft cleaner) followed Z10 (leather in a bottle). Use a soft brush with the cleaner. These products clean and protect very well and will enhance the smell of your leather.

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 #77015  by LOUD98ES
I know this sounds nuts, but a cordless dremel on low with a soft nylon brush tip and a bit of lexol cleaner did wonders on a light taupe leather seat at the junk yard (i was just screwin around). I'd never do it to my own car though. I Lexol clean and condition the light taupe leather seats in my liberty once a month. Soft as a baby's (CENSORED) and always come clean.