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  •  Poll: How do you clean your engine area

  • Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)
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Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)

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 #57597  by EasyRider300M
James: is that Stoner stuff silicone based? and how long does it keep the plastic looking good. Does it have black dye in it?
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 #57599  by Humanx
Brent,That looks nice. Which S-100 product did you use? Is that the one for painted cycle engines that sprays on? Thanks, ~Hugh :munch
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 #57600  by Bill Putney
For those that have recommended Simple Green, it works well, but be aware that rubber belts do not like it - it does something to their surfaces that make them squeek a *lot*. I had to replace brand new belts one time because I used Simple Green to clean the engine right after putting the belts on.
 #57601  by 300Mx4
I used ORANGE 409 household cleaner. Sprayed it on the engine when cool, let it soak a few minutes, then hosed it off. The engine came out very clean, with no pitting of metal surfaces. I blew the water out of the intake bolt holes with a can of computer air duster and wiped black rubber parts with a cloth. Looked almost like new! Also did my 2001 Intrepid the same way. Same results. Highly recommended.
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 #57602  by Humanx
I finally found the S-100 stuff (Total Cycle Cleaner) and used it yesterday. It's fast, easy, and does a great job. A little of it goes a long way. ~Humanx 0]
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 #57603  by Humanx
Bump/It's been a year since anyone posted to "How do you clean your engine." There must be a lot of clean 300M engines out there. :bounce ~Humanx 0] :bounce
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 #57604  by Binky977
Mine could use a scrub down. I'm ashamed for it to look as dusty as it does.
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 #57605  by Humanx
Try the S-100 Total Cycle Cleaner. You can find it at motorcycle shops. Follow the instruction exactly and have some compressed air to blow out areas where water accumulates. ~Humanx 0]
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 #57608  by Cadman300m
She was blonde? I never noticed.<img border=0 src="" /> I think I'll have to go back to that site again and check.<img border=0 src=" ... tongue.gif" /><b>Peter<b><img border=0 src=" ... 6645_1.jpg" /><b><span style="font-family:verdana; color:navy;font-size:small;">"White Dream" 2001 300M </span></b><a href="" target="_new">My CarDomain Site</a>
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 #57609  by Humanx
I do believe that's a picture of Holly the Clay Girl in civilian clothing. I noticed it's the same necklace. ~Humanx 0]
 #57611  by bigben300m
Gee wiz...big hooters waxing the car. That is a good site on a serious note. Excellent instructions and pictures. Meguiars also has an excellent site with video.
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 #57612  by Bill Putney
Did you notice the typo in the caption under the photo - it says "Hot Tips!" :smack
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 #57613  by EasyRider300M
Tsk tsk Bill :nolike I double clicked on them, but they wouldn't open . :fishy
 #57616  by 99300mricva
How do I order this woman to clean my car? :deskcomputer :deskcomputer :deskcomputer :deskcomputer :deskcomputer Image :bounce