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  • Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)
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Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)

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 #57634  by BuckeyeM
I just bought a 2001 M with 46K. The engine has a lot of oxidation on aluminum components. I heard there is a spray on product to get rid of this. Is it the motorcycle cleaner?Thanks.
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 #57635  by Humanx
Try S-100 Total Cycle Cleaner. Your local HD shop should have it. Follow the instructions exactly. I recommend covering the PDC and ECM with Saran wrap first. ~Humanx 0]
 #57636  by gary300m
The best way to clean the engine is to use Car Brite Blue Max cleaner, mix it 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water. Spray the whole engine then hose it off with the hottest water you have. Next, spray everywhere with Car Brite LikeNew cut 1 part Likenew to 4 parts water. Then just close the engine and you are done.when you open the hood you will be amazed. Perfectly clean and shinny.Good Luck.Image

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 #87562  by Bill Putney
beater wrote:Tool that lets you scan for open proxies including HTTP and Socks proxies.

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 #87568  by 300magnum
bill somtimes we dont see eye 2 eye on some stuff but we do agree on one thing

HUH????? :wtf

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 #87576  by swalker
What the heck was that??????? :roll:

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 #87592  by Bill Putney
300magnum wrote:bill somtimes we dont see eye 2 eye on some stuff...
You talkin' 'bout that light bulb stuff? :)

 #93408  by dclabs
Proxy's: Servers or sites that allow users to connect to them remotely and then connect to the Internet anonymously. Commonly used to avoid spam, pop ups and the law enforcement. I guess all these IT classes really did pay off!

This cleaning advice is invaluable. My M was used when I bought it, the engine in alright condition, but not shiny. Since I live in Canada, and winter salt is a huge problem, I was looking for ways to keep the engine clean.

Any ideas for the rims and wheels? I can't afford winter ones at the moment, and I hate salt on my chrome *sigh*

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 #108309  by RS'pect
For engine cleaning try Coca-cola!!! Shake it well and spray over the engine, then after several 5-10 minutes wash with water!!! Dont forget to switch off the battery :P