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This is the place for off-topic discussions

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 #353545  by hrmwrm
75.9 this week. don't know what caused the sudden drop. oil profits must be too high.
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 #353548  by LUNAT1C
Apparently some stations in Michigan have dropped under $1/gal, one hit $0.789 I think. No idea where. I paid $1.639 locally on Friday.
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 #353551  by tomase
Today, Iran has started to sell oil ... Thanks to Obama, which lifted sanctions. Soon oil will be cheaper than water from a puddle. (Sorry for the Google translator))
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 #353556  by tomase
The oil era is over, and is not so important how much oil will cost 20 or 60 dollars a barrel.
Inhabitants of large countries are waiting for bad years.
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 #353561  by adu1982
I ponder the day we will all have to trade our lh cars for a little gas saver the little death traps (that's whut the wife calls the small fiats and alike)
 #353571  by Null
mattgendron wrote:Its around 80 cents a litre now!
89 here
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 #353600  by EasyRider300M
well at least the price of heating oil is super low , a little over $2 a gallon compared to over $4 per gallon a year or two ago... and the price is sure to drop even lower...there's talk of $1 gas prices soon as a barrel could drop to $20 a barrel
compared to $29 a barrel now

historical oil price chart ... tory-chart
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 #353620  by beespecial
Tanked up at $1.59/gal regular.
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 #353621  by LUNAT1C
Gas Buddy is reporting my local Costco down to $1.529.

Gas under $1 has already happened... local ABC affiliate reported some remote stations were down to $0.789 last week. MI is apparently the first state to get that low at an individual station.
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 #353626  by mopar39426ml
Gas near me is hovering around $2.00/gal.
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 #353635  by beespecial
Just filled up the wife's car at $1.54 gal.
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 #353638  by M-Pressive
Please keep the political stuff out of this thread. Gas prices only!
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 #353650  by slimpants
SilverSpecial wrote:Please keep the political stuff out of this thread. Gas prices only!
My apology! I thought the ten years of commentary/opinion here was the entire appeal of this thread. But maybe everyone just wants to know what everybody else is paying.

I'll Unsubscribe. Carry on.


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 #353663  by Sneke_Eyez
$2.12 for Gulf mid-grade 89 octane in East Brookfield, Massachusetts on Monday night in the Concorde.

With prices this low, I've started to do one tank of mid-grade, one tank of regular in the cars.
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 #353668  by FIREM
$ 1.55 Costco
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